Artist Bio

Raised in Toronto, New Mexico, Texas, Saskatchewan and Hawaii, Sheenah Ko has lived most of her life moving across North America with a thirst for discovery.  Having grown up in an artistic family, Sheenah began composing original songs and studying piano and percussion when she was 5. By the time she was 16, she was touring across North America performing vibraphone in competitive percussion ensembles. 

Sheenah originally began a career in community development, connecting youth and communities internationally. She was the recipient of an Alumni Award from her university, in addition to being nominated for Woman of Distinction from the YWCA. But just as her career was flourishing, she felt the underlying itch to develop herself as an artist and the journey of self-growth that comes with it.  This is what brought Sheenah to Montreal in 2010 and develop her passions as an artist.  In less than 8 years, Sheenah has shared the stage and toured internationally with musicians from The Band, Lou Reed, Ron Sexsmith, The Barenaked Ladies, The Barr Brothers, Me Mom and Morgentaler, and the Nylons. Presently, she is the full-time keyboardist/percussionist for The Besnard Lakes (Jagjagwar) and continues to tour with USA Out of Vietnam and Thor Harris (Swans).

It wasn't until 2014 that Sheenah began sharing her original compositions with audiences.  She released her first EP, Let Go, an album she recorded/produced fully independently and was presented only once as theatrical performance with full band and dance troupe.  In 2016, she began to perform solo, challenging herself as a performer and song-writer that no longer hid behind the accompaniment of bandmates.  And in 2018, she is releasing her first studio-recorded album that she recorded with producer, Ryan Battistuzzi, a year-long endeavour that allowed Sheenah to experiment in the studio with Ryan and other musicians.    

Currently, Sheenah's solo performances have transformed into exciting duets with contemporary dancer Brittney Canda Gering, who have been busy performing at music festivals, such as Sled Island, POP Montreal and Suoni.  Their performances opening for bands such as Ex Eye (Relapse), Liima/Efterklang (4AD) and The World Provider have been described as hypnotic, powerful, emotional, vulnerable, trippy and sensual.  Sheenah Ko has been compared to Kate Bush, Portishead and The Knife.  Read a wonderful review from their show with Ex Eye here!